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The Kowo Udvikling is a property developer and a part of a Danish capital group that has acquired broad experience in the industrial construction sector. The Kowo Udvikling goal is to use the experience to set up unique places where people really want to live and pursue their passions. The Scandinavian minimalistic design enables to create a friendly and balanced space filled with timeless aesthetics.

We employ functional various architectural solutions so that people would love to spend their leisure time in places created by the Kowo. When designing new development sites, their harmonious integration with the natural environment and their seamless composition with the surrounding landscape, are of utmost importance to us.

By taking responsibility for its actions the Kowo Udvikling is a trustworthy and reliable partner. Fairness is in the core of our company operations.

Seaside Apartments

We are selecting unique, seaside locations adjacent to the city and nature where you can pursue your passions.


The advantages of our investments


Safe purchase

Safe purchase of apartments is guaranteed by the investor’s capital. The value of seaside real estate does not decline.


Team and competence

Each stage of the investment is realized by a team of experts and professionals focused on the highest quality and technical standards


Aesthetics and design

Since our passion is the minimalistic Scandinavian design, we create harmonious places, filled with timeless architectural features.


Current investment

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